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Anniversary Florist in Sydney

"A successful marriage
requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person."

- Mignon McLaughlin

Anniversary flowers.jpg

An anniversary is celebrated on the same date of the year when the original event first happened. There are many kinds of anniversary but arguably the most popular one is a wedding anniversary.

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts vary by country but the usual ones depending on the year are represented by cotton, paper, leather, silk, wood, wool, tin, bronze, copper, steel, crystal, silver, ruby, sapphire, gold, emerald, diamond and many others.

For wedding anniversary flowers, the common ones are carnation, cosmos, sunflower, geranium, daisy, calla lily, freesia, lilac, bird of paradise, daffodil, tulip, peony, chrysanthemum, dahlia, roses, aster, iris, and others depending on the year of anniversary. 

If you're celebrating an anniversary and would like us to manage and handle the flower arrangements to delight your guests, please don't forget to fill up the contact form below or in the Contact page or send us a message at 0412 252 682.

For 10th - Daffodil

For 25th - Iris

For 50th - Yellows and Violets

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