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Valentine's Day Florist in Sydney

is not responsible
for people

falling in love."

- Albert Einstein

Quick background on this love event - it is named after St. Valentine who is known to be a 3rd century saint from Rome and a former priest who ministered Christians that were persecuted in the Roman Empire during that time.

Although not much has been documented about the life and contribution of Valentine and a lot of legends and stories have sprouted about how Valentine's Day started, it is still touted to be the 2nd most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas according to some articles. 


pink rose bunch.jpg

And aside from greeting cards, Valentine's Day is not Valentine's Day these days without giving flowers to someone you dearly love. 

If you would like to make Valentine's Day truly and extraordinarily special with someone you love and would like a flower arrangement specialist in Sydney to help you out, just let us know days in advance prior to Feb. 14!

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