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Birthday Florist in Sydney

"And in the end,
it's not the years in your life that count.
It's the life in your years."

- Abraham Lincoln

Birthdays are celebrated in a variety of ways. There are some who would like to have it simply by being with the immediate family and eat at a restaurant or at home. There are some who would like to celebrate it extravagantly by throwing out a party at a bar, a restaurant or a large venue to accommodate a number of guests. 

Regardless of how one would like to have this once in a year celebration, birthday flowers can add vibrance and liveliness of the occasion.

Not all may be aware but traditionally there are flowers that symbolize each birth month, otherwise known as a "birth month flower". Here's how it goes:

January - usually carnation

February - either primrose, violet or iris

March - usually daffodil

April - either daisy or sweet pea

May - usually lily of the valley

June - either honeysuckle or rose

July - either larkspur or water lily

August - either gladiolus or poppy

September - either morning glory, aster or myosotis

October - either marigold or calendula

November - either crysanthemum or peony

December - either narcisuss, holly or poinsettia


January - Carnation


February - Violet


March - Daffodil


April - Daisy


May - Lily of the Valley


June - Rose


September - Aster


October - Marigold


July - Larkspur


November - Crysanthemum


August - Gladiolus


December - Poinsettia


So what about you? Do you like your birth month flower? :) You don't have to stick with it though, we can help you arrange the flower of your choice including your birth month flower if you wish. Just let us know by sending us a message or giving us a call!

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